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Virtual Regatta Notes

Welcome to the Ashlett Sailing Club Virtual Regatta

It is a bit clunky but could be an interesting diversion.


The link should take you to this screen and the VR logo bottom left will indicate the download progress


1. From there you should get a log in screen

Create an account – I suggest using your boat name as your username – once done next time just select the second option

‘I have an account’ and you will see this screen

2. Ignore all Promo stuff – its free unless you
want to grade- Click on the X


3. This will take you to the main screen

Job one – go to the Settings wheel bottom right and turn off the audio – it will drive you insane

I suggest you click on the Sailing School link mid left of screen – there are 10 sessions I think that take you from basic handling through to race etiquette..

4. Once you have competed this have a look at the link in the bottom left of the screen. This will allow you to look at different types of boats and when you select them click on the screen that appears showing you the boat you have just 'bought' - It will show you the short course and then go into the start process – the important thing to remember is not to cross the red line until the hooter sounds – you will see the time ticking away and when you face the line a count down to crossing. March them up and you are off to a flyer.

Ignore the numbers and other stuff for the present –  customisation costs money it seems.

5. Don’t use the back button on the computer but, if shown, use the back arrow in the top left of the screen or the Home button – Next, we will look at Custom Race

We will be able to set up a race with a specific code so ASC members can race.

Meanwhile IGNORE the splash screen that comes up when you click on Custom Race – click anywhere on the screen apart from the advert.

6. When you get there, you will see a screen like this

When we have a code, we will use Join to enter our own race. You do this by clicking on the padlock and entering the code whoever sets up the race will circulate. Details to follow


7. Race Demo mode

To get an idea of racing click on the camera icon in the top right of this screen.

Select a race from the screen and then click on the camera icon underneath the competitors list. You will see a screen with some instructions that will allow you to follow a race.

The arrow keys on your keyboard will allow you to move around the course – clicking on a boat or a competitor from the list will follow that boat and clicking on a buoy will give you a static camera view.

8. Once you have got the idea you may feel confident to participate in a race.

On the Custom Screen wait until a race appears with an egg timer - click on it and if there are spaces you will be accepted - you will see a display giving you free options - just accept it and you will be at the stat line.

The downside is they are usually twitchy multi hulls but a lot of fun to see how you get on 

All good fun

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