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Events at Ashlett

Sailing and Social Events

The following events are proposed for the coming season. The pursuit races will be followed by a barbecue which non-sailors are welcome to attend. Suggestions for other events are always welcome especially with an offer to help organise them.

2024 season


Sat 11 May Pursuit 1 HW 1332 ( 4.2)

12th -19th  May  MAY MELT  Tony Woods- Small Boat cruise

Sa/Su 25 and 26th May Rally/Race Cowes Folly ( SWSA)

Sa 8 June Pursuit 2 HW 1323 (4.3)

9th-16th  JUNE BOON Tony Woods – Small boat cruise

Sa 29 June SWSA  RTI Individual and team event

July  5th-12th  July Fry. Tony Woods- Small Boat cruise


27th July - 10th August   AUGUST THRUST (Poole trip) finishing at the Ashlett Regatta- Tony Woods Small Boat cruise

 Sa 7 Sept Pursuit Race 3

 Sa/Su 21 and 22 Sept Yarmouth Rally/Race SWSA

September is mooted for a Holland trip- Tony Woods Small Boat Cruise

 October rally 5th-8th  Tony Woods – Small Boat cruise

Sat and Sun 25th/26th May COWES ( FOLLY) Cruise or race

This is an event that combines with SWSA. The plan is to combine a sail to Cowes with a social in the evening. There is a race you can join in with, to Cowes, on the Saturday and back on the Sunday. The start on Saturday is at Bald Head buoy, just off Hamble at 1200.

Alternatively you can make you way to the Folly at your leisure and meet us there after we have finished the race.

Saturday 29th June SWSA RTI

The Start is at Bald Head buoy (as above) 0730. First HW is 0519 (4.1) Second HW 0647 (4.0) . It is possible boats might make it back into Ashlett on the evening tide. ( HW 1804 and 1920 ). There is a team trophy to compete for as well as individual ones. The team trophy was

presented by ASC many years ago so it would be rather good to win that back. We will put a list on the wall for people who would like to join in.

Please note for the two SWSA linked events you will need to enter on the SWSA web site. This is a simple process and can be done all on line. We are available to help you with Byron handicaps or any other areas you need help with with regard to SWSA.

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