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Information about the Creek

As you may have read in the About page  which provides a background history of the club, the creek has been used by Ashlett Sailing Club over many years.

The current Moorings manager is Keith Guy-Gibbens, ably assisted by Dave Waters, who looks after the pontoon,  Merv the creek, Phil Crossland and a small band of regular volunteers. Details of the moorings can be found in the Members Area.

For navigation purposes the creek lies north west of the Calshot Spit and south west of the entrance to the Hamble. The most visible feature to draw your eye is the long Fawley jetty with large blue tugs on the southern end and usually a number of oil tankers tied up.​

Wide creek nav 1.PNG

On the approach many charts show a small channel from the deep water heading west towards the creek. Some also show a mooring  or waiting buoy positioned approx half way along the channel . Unfortunately due to intensive fishing in the area behind the oil jetty the channel has largely been eroded and the buoy has been torn away so many times it is no longer deployed. The good news is the whole area is relatively flat and navigation along the channel will not produce any surprises so long as there is sufficient depth of water for your craft.

close in creek nav 2.PNG

Once you reach the outer navigation marks directly outside the creek, the channel follows the marks accurately, with the deepest water in the centre and north of the channel initially.

As you round the bend and head northwest with the clubhouse to port, the marks and the moorings give a good indication of channel. Older charts may take you on a loop out to the north of the creek as you approach the pontoon - this channel has largely silted up and the route is now more direct as shown below.

Google earth v1 with course.png

As you approach the pontoon you will see the outside end is reserved for loading/unloading. Visitors are requested to use the inside end  if available. If this is occupied then take a place on the pontoon and speak with a member of the club who should be able to provide advice and guidance.

The pontoon is equipped with water and electricity - further facilities are available in the clubhouse.

Fees for a 24 hour stay are £12.00  - Lunchtime stop over £4.00

Because of our restricted draft in the creek, no boat should exceed 34 ft (subject to certain dispensation at the Pontoon Master's discretion). Catamarans will be accepted subject to availability of spaces, without obstructing other visitors. This will be at the Pontoon Master's discretion.

You are urged to make contact with Dave Waters  on  07789502098, or email before setting out on your journey. If you are a visiting club or association, we can take reservations for a visit. Dave Water's number should again be used for this purpose. We wish you a safe passage to Ashlett.

Close up pontoon with facilities.png
For videos of the creek at Low and High water - click here

Local information

Nearest Fuel - Blackfield Service station approx 2 miles. Follow signs in Fawley village. 35 min walk.

Nearest convenience store / newsagents / post office / take away at Fawley village - straight up the hill and turn right at the T Junction at the very top of the hill after the houses (past 2 small roads on right and 2 small turnings on the left) 15 mins walk.

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