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Committee Directory –March 2024

Chris Brown.jpg
Commodore - Chris Brown
07503 917137

My name is Chris Brown and I have been Commodore of Ashlett Sailing Club since 2019, I have sailed from Ashlett Creek since the mid 90s with my family and friends on a variety of Sailing Yachts. In my time I have been a Delivery Skipper, Cruising Instructor. Yacht Master and once upon a time a Windsurfing Instructor. 

I have tried to keep the momentum going within the Club to keep its charm but bring it along into this ever changing world that we find ourselves in. We are now a very different Club than the one I first joined in that we are very independent and hopefully masters of our own destiny. 

My main objective this season is to get the Moorings sorted and that everyone has an equal opportunity to sail, whilst in the background we will endeavour to look at sorting our Toilets and Clubhouse out and upgrade these areas.

This should be my final year as Commodore and I think it is time for another from amongst you to step forward and take on the Commodores role, so let's see what pans out for us all in this next Sailing season.

Jim Hopwood.jpg
Company Secretary - Jim Hopwood
07725 031717

I have been sailing small boats for longer than I can remember, for the last 48 years based at Ashlett. For me sailing and exploring have always gone together. Making full use of the trailer I have sailed round Britain in easy stages, explored Ireland and sailed from La Rochelle to Oslo and Poland, with a few small gaps.


As Secretary I am responsible for summoning Committee meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings, publishing the agenda and keeping the minutes of all Club meetings and ensuring that the Club Constitution and Rules are kept up to date. I publish a monthly Newsletter to keep members informed of our activities and produce the Annual Report. I deal with external correspondence, insurance matters and relations with the RYA, Companies House and other authorities.

Adrain Lumb.jpg
Treasurer - Ade Lumb
07739 190638

I have just taken over the treasurer’s role, ably assisted by my wife Pam. We have been members of the club for 18 years and sail yacht “Ariana” a Beneteau 323

Currently we are getting to know the accounts package and catching up on things, so please bear with us. Once up to speed we will move on to making financial management proposals to the committee for the future of the club.

I also run the “Ashlett members” WhatsApp group

which is set up for member-to-member communication; not for trivia but to ask for help, impromptu sailing, crewing opportunities etc. If you would like to join, contact me.

Adrain Barnes.jpg
Membership Secretary - Adrain Barnes
07899 896275

As Membership Secretary, I am your first port of call with any membership queries, I am also responsible for the membership renewal process. I liaise closely with the Compound Master, Mooring Masters and the Treasurer to make sure that your invoices are sent out timely and accurately. I am currently looking at ways to make the membership process totally paperless. I hope to achieve this by setting up an online membership database, where each member will have access to their own details and will be able to see the state of their membership and any fees due, with a quick look on their phone or computer. Hopefully we will be able to roll this out for the March renewal cycle. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about your membership and I'll do my best to help. 

Alan Morrisson.jpg
Maintenance, Boat Lifter and Social - Alan Morrison
07896 733220

I have spent much of my working life working for the Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary, based at Portsmouth. After retiring in 2011, I joined Ashlett Sailing Club and have enjoyed being part of the operational team ever since. 

I am the general maintenance manager in charge of the upkeep of the buildings and day to day running of domestic amenities. I organise the boat lifting crew and Calendar for the winter lift out and short-term boat lift outs. I am at present, refurbishing the Portacabin for its use as an office and sewing machine room.


I also organise social events, such as Curry nights, Christmas dinners and Cheese and wine evenings.

Keith Guy-Gibbbens.jpg
Mooring Master - Keith Guy Gibbens

I allocate moorings to members based on boat size etc.and keep records of who is where.

I will continue to push on the work of lifting, refurbishing and relaying every club mooring. The clearing of the creek detritus i.e. old moorings, marker buoys, rope and blocks will be progressed. The aim is to try and ensure all members have the best moorings possible within the constraints of the creek. 

All this is only possible with the help of the block lifting and refurbishing gang!

Carl Sharman.jpg
Creek Master - Carl Sharman


I have been sailing from a young age, my father taught me and my brother and I too have followed in this tradition by teaching my daughters dinghy sailing.

I have been a boat builder for 30 years + and have been very lucky to have been asked to crew for a number of prestigious classic yachts from 65ft to 120ft.

Me and my wife have a 31ft moody which we have lovingly restored and have become active members of this great sailing club.

As Creek Master I am responsible for the upkeep of the creek as in marker buoys, obstructions, and checking on members boats when out on mooring, also to help and liaise with the Mooring Master, Pontoon Master and the Bosun of the club and slowly to help look after the club launches. Also general help with running the club.

Simon Lovelock.jpg
Bosun - Simon Lovelock
07758 726987

I have just taken over the role of bosun. I am responsible for the maintenance of club equipment such as the dinghies, work boats, tractors, boat hoist and block lifter etc.

I’m also responsible for organising lifting equipment inspections, and the point of contact for reporting defects in the above equipment.

I’ve been an ASC member since 2011 and enjoy sailing, crewing, fishing and kayaking from the creek with family and friends when time and work commitments allow.

In recent years I’ve been trained by Alan for tractor duties as part of the work party and weekend boat hoist launch / recovery team.

Dave Waters.jpg
Pontoon Master - Dave Waters
07789 502098

I’ve helped out with putting the pontoon back together, after an absence of a few months due to my sailing trip. My primary role is periodically keeping the slipway clean, looking after the movement of boats using the pontoon, and general maintenance of it. I’ve helped out with mooring blocks shore side and also have learnt how to use the tractor and trailer under Alan’s excellent tutorage. 

Barry Andrew.jpg
Pound Master - Barry Andrew
07854 023564

I live locally and my wife and I have been members of the club for over 15 years. I've engaged in many activities over the years for the club and my focus now is on the Compound. I am currently in the process of re-organising the spaces within the compound to make it easier for all members and the boat lifter to move boats around whilst creating more spaces, potentially increasing possible income for the club.

I am trying to locate ownership of some of the trailers/boats/equipment etc and updating records. It would be very helpful if everyone can make sure your boats/trailers are clearly marked up.

I will be organising work parties during the year to include reorganising the tender rack, drainage and general clearing up etc. As we are a self-help club, please lend a hand and help, your efforts are what keeps the club up and running and our running costs down.

Whenever possible at events, you will probably see me with a camera in my hand and I have taken many photographs and produced videos of various events from time to time.

If you have any questions relating to the compound please contact me on 

Neil Howarth.jpg
Boathouse Master - Neil Howarth
07801 748378

As a long-standing club member, I contribute to working parties as much as I can. This year I learned to operate the boat lifter and drive the tractor (I enjoyed doing this very much, thank you Alan).  As a committee member, I will continue to administer the boathouse. I am going to re-commission the boathouse vice and keep the boathouse tidy.

For those with dinghy racks, please store items within the confines your rack and keep dinghies inflated.  There are a couple of empty racks available, so email me if you are interested. I look forward to the next year with you all.

Debbie Boles.jpg
Cruiser Races and SWSA Rep
- Debs Boles
07761 139263

I have been a member of Ashlett Sailing club for many years since the age of about five. We grew up as active participants in the then lively dinghy sailing scene and I began sailing with my Dad, Mike Boles. Since then, my experience has broadened to include cruising bigger boats, racing yachts and windsurfing to name a few. We currently race Tearaway ( a Hunter Formula one) in local sailing events and sail Beruna, our family boat ,from Ashlett.


My role is to collate a programme of events for Ashlett SC with the help of other members who are offering to run events for the club, linking with the SWSA programme. This to include pursuit races.


I, together with my partner Bob Gardner, also represent ASC on Southampton Water Sailing Association (S.W.S.A.) organising racing, rallies and interclub events for the sailing clubs in Southampton Water.  


SWSA also represents its member clubs’ interests in Southampton Water at SPMUG, SCRA, ABP and other meetings. Bob Gardner is Hon Sec of SWSA, so Ashlett SC is well represented by the two of us. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any ideas you may have for activities at Ashlett.

We look forward to a year of activities at ASC.

Non - Committee Volunteer Organisers

Dick Pizey.jpg
Club Web Site - Dick Pizey
07590 481633

I manage the website on behalf of the club, liaising with The Secretary and other members of the Committee to update documents and other information that is available via the website.

Social events and other club activities are also posted on the site so let me know if you are running one.

Tony Wood.jpg
Trailer Sailor Cruises Coordinator - Tony Woods
07508 454249

I have put together a monthly plan to form the basis of our Cruising/sailing in company. Primarily it is based on Drascombe Hulls and Drascombe principles, but all shallow drafted small boats are welcome. It is designed to be a dip in dip out affair. You may just do a part, one day or all as the mood takes you.

To see the draft progamme - click on the link to take you to the events page

Creek News
Jacky Olden

Jacky has kindly offered to take on editing Creek News. Please send her accounts in words and pictures of your boating activities whether its summer adventures, relaxing weekends or major maintenance; anything to inform or entertain fellow members.

Jackie olden.jpg
Fiona Andrews.jpg
Club Regalia - Fiona Andrew
07789 146730

I currently look after the Club Regalia and have a number of stock items which are available. There is a new 2024 brochure on the notice board in the clubhouse of our current items and we are in the process of adding regalia items including long sleeve t-shirts, t-shirts, fleeces and body warmer all with the ASC Logo.


Burgees are available along with stickers for your boats in 2 sizes. You can contact me on my details above to place orders or discuss your requirements. 

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