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Virtual Regatta 

Once you have familiarised yourself with the VR app we will try and run some bespoke ASC races. Email me your user name and we will create a League and publish the time , date and code you will require to access the race.
This is done via the Custom Race screen - clicking on the padlock at the bottom of that screen you will be asked for a code which will be published on this page.
To access the Virtual Regatta click on the logo above
Drascombe - Jim Hopwood
Daislebee - Dick Pizey
Osprey - Tony Wood
WhistlerASC - Dave Young
TBC - Deborah Boles
Que Sera - Sue Doyle
Julie Girl - Alan Morrison
Magic Marigolds -  Sheila Shields
Smartie - Mike Cooper
April Series Results
First -
Second -
Third -
Osprey - Tony Wood
Daislebee - Dick Pizey
Whistler - Dave Young

Next ASC Race - May Series


Monday 11th May


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